About RedBedlam

RedBedlam was founded in 2001 by Kerry Fraser-Robinson and Nick Witcher, who embarked on building the UK’s first operational true 3D MMORPG with full object persistence, real-time combat, player-generated content and many other ground breaking features. Although primarily an entertainment project, Roma Victor was extensively researched and is an entirely historically authentic virtual world.

In order to achieve Roma Victor’s ambitious feature goals, the company built and assembled a completely bespoke 3D engine and server side technology platform in-house – ZoneBubbles. This approach enabled the RedBedlam team to find solutions to challenges that could not be tackled by users of other platforms and therefore begin to create worlds with a greater degree of fidelity and flexibility than others.

Redbedlam is one of the very few companies in the UK and perhaps even in the world that has acquired the knowledge, technology, skills, and experience to genuinely create and manage Interactive Virtual Environments, Social Virtual Worlds and MMOGs, in a cost and time efficient way.

Management Team

Kerry Fraser-Robinson – CEO

Kerry Fraser-RobinsonKerry started programming at the tender age of eight years old and built his first online game – a BBS Door game – in 1985. In the early 80′s he had become deeply involved in some of the very first virtual worlds, known as MUD’s or MUG’s.

This started a life-long fascination with the technology. In the 90′s Kerry was the Online editor of PC Magazine where he was headhunted by Vivendi-Universal to head up the UK launch of its online gaming service WON.net – home to Half-Life, Homeworld, Counter-Strike and many other triple A online games – and saw through the transition of WON.net into the more commercially oriented Flipside.com.

Nick Witcher – Marketing Director

Nick WitcherNick previously launched a European advertising unit for Gamesdomain.com in 1997 and significantly grew European advertising revenues for the website.  In late 1999 Nick was also headhunted by Vivendi Universal to head up the UK launch of its online gaming service WON.net with Kerry Fraser-Robinson.

After co-founding RedBedlam Nick took on various senior digital marketing roles in different industries until 2007 when Nick launched a digital marketing agency targeting the games industry, Nick has helped to market many online games including the world’s most popular online trading card game www.urban-rivals.com and Frogster Interactives MMORPG’s www.runesofmagic.com/ and www.bountybayonline.com/

In 2010 Nick merged his digital marketing agency into RedBedlam to be able to offer a full range of services to RedBedlam’s gaming clients.

Redbedlam Offices