Our Projects

Games, Virtual Worlds, Social Networks and MMORPG’s

For a more in-depth multi-player or community experience you may want to develop a bespoke Social Network or Virtual World or even a full-on massively multi-player online game.  Check out these examples of our work in this area.

Christopher Brookmyre’s Bedlam – A series of novels & FPS Games

Christopher Brookmyre is a multi award winning writer with 16 published novels to date.  Christopher and RedBedlam have teamed up to work on a series of sci-fi novels with accompanying FPS games, keep an eye out for news about this best of British collaboration.

The Missing Ink – A multi-platform MMORPG for PC, Mac and Browser.

A unique multi-platform MMORPG with player-made 3D virtual worlds, check out The Missing Ink

dPals.com – Free Kids Social Network and Virtual World

dPals dPartment

A kids social virtual world linked to a global retailer selling branded merchandise with unique codes that can be redeemed within the virtual world.  dPals.com is growing in popularity every day, watch this space for more news of the continual development of this fun world. Read more…

Bamzonia.com – Educational 3D City Management World

Bamzonia Island

Can you save the city of Bamzonia?  This educational 3D city management world includes built in lessons and mini games, as you learn you improve life in the city for your citizens.  Bamzonia is already proving popular in UK schools.  Read more…

Roma Victor – Historical 3D Virtual World

Roma Victor

One of the world’s first 3D fully persistent, sandbox virtual worlds set in Roman-occupied Britannia in the 2nd Century.  The server side technology developed, tested & deployed for Roma Victor was the genesis of RedBedlam’s virtual world platform and expertise used on all of our case studies and other white label virtual world projects. Read more…

The Virtual Boardroom

Virtual Boardroom

An internal demo to explore the growing possibilities of 3D virtual conferencing, potentially a huge growth market with the increasing cost of flights in real and environmental terms.  Visit the virtual boardroom… and get your own virtual apprentice to fire!

Driving in the 3D web – Fiat 500

An internal project to demo the capabilities of 3D enabled content in your browser.  Drive your own Fiat 500 across the web… Take a test drive now!