– Educational 3D City Management Game

Client: Bamboo
Brief: A 3D in a browser educational game to be sold to UK schools as an educational tool
Front End: Unity 3D
Back End: RedBedlam’s ZoneBubbles
Delivery: Approximately 6-months

  • Each player becomes the custodian of their own virtual living city
  • Gameplay is enhanced by successful completion of the education modules
  • Players face a multitude of challenges representing all aspects of city life
  • Fully integrated learning management system
  • Teachers have the ability to monitor students progress and issue game rewards
  • Integrated flexible billing system

Bamzonia proves that learning can be fun, today’s children are extremely computer savvy and their attention is not held by the poorly designed, basic learning games of the past.  In this era an educational title must match it’s purely entertainment based rivals in terms of look, feel and depth.

Combined with specially designed animated lessons and quizzes, Bamzonia delivers a rich city building, strategy game that would not look out of place as a standalone console game.  The key to the exceptionally good reception that Bamzonia has received from teachers throughout the UK is that it links the knowledge gained within the learning experience and directly applies it to accelerated and measurable progress within the game.  Students literally see their city evolving in front of their eyes!

Training the youth of tomorrow to avoid the mistakes of today!