dPals.com – Free Kids Social Network and Virtual World

Client: History & Heraldry
Brief: A brand new kids social network and virtual world to tie in to the launch of an exciting kids IP.
Front End: HTML5
Back End: RedBedlam’s ZoneBubbles
Delivery: Approximately 12 months

  • Multi-user chat environments
  • Customisable avatars and player homes
  • A wide range of interactive games and quests
  • Highly flexible content management system that enables the client to autonomously add new content
  • Fully integrated live chat filtering and moderation tools
  • Fully integrated virtual economics system

dPals.com offers its users fun features that range from the familiar to the unique.  The global popularity of kids social networks and virtual worlds means that today’s audience have very high expectations of any new development in this space.

dPals has won many new fans around the world with its fantastic art style and multi-user and social features, which utilise the power of ZoneBubbles to deliver the same performance you might experience in a AAA MMORPG within this fun and active world without requiring a vast development budget or build time.

dPals.com the fun, new place to be!