Driving across the 3D web

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Driving in the 3D web – Fiat 500

Client: Internal Project
Brief: Build an online demo to easily visualise the 3D web and it’s vast possibilities.
Front End: Unity 3D
Back End: RedBedlam’s ZoneBubbles
Delivery: Approximately 1 to 4 weeks

No download or registration required, just open a webpage and experience the power of web3.0 using Unity 3D and RedBedlam’s ZoneBubbles technology.

Just think of the potential for this format and how it can be used by brands to engage with their audience instantly within a webpage, providing the user with a unique online experience.

The complexity of the desired experience and the social and community features required will determine the build time.  From quick viral marketing hits to fully engaged global communities competing for leaderboard or high score glory.  Whatever your Interactive Virtual Environment requirements RedBedlam has the expertise to deliver.

Why just surf when you can also drive…

Click start to drive the car and use arrow keys or W, A, S, D to control the car