Roma Victor – Historical 3D Virtual World

Client: Internal
Brief: Follow on the Roma Victor legacy, one of only two fully persistent virtual worlds in existence.
Front End: Unity 3D
Back End: RedBedlam’s ZoneBubbles
Delivery: Approximately 12-months

  • Originally one of only two fully persistent sandbox virtual worlds globally, (the other being Second Life)
  • Pioneered the use of micro transactions in a market place dominated at the time by the traditional monthly subscription model
  • Proved that realtime combat and other twitch gaming features were possible in a large scale MMORPG
  • Massive open world covering hundreds of Kilometres accurately modelled from NASA satellite data
  • Historically accurate crafting researched in conjunction with archaeologists.
  • Built by only a handful of people with no development budget other than their own savings

RedBedlam’s sandbox 3D MMORPG Virtual World set in a historically authentic re-creation of Roman Britain.

Developed on a minimal budget and in concert with the evolution of the RedBedlam toolsuite, Roma Victor showcased the potential of the highly automated technologies and solutions designed by RedBedlam since 2001.

The game’s setting in a fully persistent world allowed structures built or objects moved to remain in place permanently (unless moved, or destroyed by other players!), allowing players to set up their own communities within their territory, plant crops, establish crafting businesses and socialise with complete freedom of action.