The Virtual Boardroom

Client: Internal Project
Brief: Build an online demo of the 3D web aimed at the business community.
Front End: Unity 3D
Back End: RedBedlam’s ZoneBubbles
Delivery: Approximately 3-weeks

Virtual conferencing services have grown in popularity over the years, be these simple instant messaging clients or realtime video based systems, the 3D web offers a new alternative.  Here you can create custom environments from intimate meeting spaces all the way to large lecture theatres or even an entire virtual exhibition hall complete with exhibits, exhibitors and delegates.  Equally you can choose to mirror your real world facilities in cyberspace.

In this case study we have constructed a simple, contemporary boardroom within which a short presentation is playing on the projector.

We could even get you your own hapless group of virtual apprentices to fire!

Use arrow keys or W,A,S,D and your mouse to navigate