Christopher Brookmyre’s Bedlam – A trilogy of novels and FPS games

RedBedlam have teamed up with award winning British author Christopher Brookmyre to produce a trilogy of FPS games based on Brookmyre’s first venture into writing sci-fi novels. Bedlam launched in hardback form in February 2013 and the paperback was released in January 2014 which you can find here.

The first FPS game in the Bedlam series is currently in development, you can find out all the latest information, screenshots and development news at the games official website at Bedlam the game.

Christopher Brookmyre has 16 published novels to date, all within the crime genre, a number of Chris’s published novels cover aspects of gaming and in particular FPS games.

Christopher recently commented “I’m a first-person-shooter veteran of more than fifteen years, and I have touched upon gaming culture in previous novels such as A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away and Pandaemonium, but I was only scraping the surface. My discussions with RedBedlam inspired me to create a story concept for both the book and the game that explores the evolution of the shooter genre and reflects upon the increasing role gaming has in people’s lives. It also affords me a platform to make lots of arcane, cheap and downright sick jokes. In essence, Bedlam has allowed me to have a crack at creating a Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the gamer generation.”



Bedlam – Description by Christopher Brookmyre


Heaven is a prison. Hell is a playground.

Would it be your ultimate fantasy to enter the world of a video game?

A realm where you don’t have to go to work or worry about your health; where you can look like a hero or a goddess; where you can fly space-ships, slay dragons, visit any period in history, any realm in fiction, yet all of it feels completely real. A realm where there are no consequences and no responsibilities, to the extent that even if you die, you can just respawn and start again.

Or would it be your worst nightmare?

Trapped in a place where every demon ever conjured by the human mind can be made flesh. Cut off from the real world, unable to see your family or friends ever again. Stuck in an endless state of war and chaos where the pain and fear feels real and from which not even death can offer an escape.
Prison or playground. Heaven or hell.

This is where you find out.

This is white-knuckle action, sprawling adventure, merciless satire and outrageous humour like you’ve never experienced.

This is Christopher Brookmyre over-clocked and hardware-accelerated.

This is Bedlam.