Building Virtual Worlds & MMORPG’s

RedBedlam’s expertise in this field predates the Internet yet many of the requisite specialist skills remain rare and present often insurmountable challenges for the uninitiated.

There are some synergies with modern computer game development, however this mostly lies in the area of art asset production and client programming. This often leads established computer developers to embark upon ambitious virtual world projects only for these projects to falter and, in many cases, result in project termination. During recent years this has led to the impression that virtual worlds are extremely high risk ventures primarily due to the technical challenges involved.

RedBedlam’s technology has been developed specifically with the intention of building virtual worlds cheaply and efficiently at a time when most companies looking to get into this space are expecting anything but low costs and a smooth production timeline.


The ZoneBubbles technology suite consists of a range of applications, tools, scripts, libraries and technologies that facilitate the rapid development and deployment of sophisticated, feature-rich and highly scalable virtual worlds. Full integration with a host of open source and/or highly popular third party tools ensures that costs are kept as low as possible without sacrificing power, performance, security or versatility.


  • Clients (Unity 3D, OpenGL, Java, Flash, Shockwave, PHP & JavaScript)
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking media
  • Highly scalable and dynamically load balanced servers
  • Full object persistence capability
  • VERM® (Virtual Economics Revenue Mechanism) management tools
  • Content creation tools
  • Gameplay and feature creation tools
  • Content management tools
  • Community management tools
  • Live Moderation Tools
  • Customer service tools