The Missing Ink MMORPG

The Missing Ink is RedBedlam’s most ambitious project to date, a cross-platform and multi-platform MMORPG with player-made 3D Virtual Worlds, currently playable on PC, Mac and 3D in the browser with tablet versions to follow.

The Missing Ink is currently in Open Beta, so you can sign up and start playing immediately.

The Missing Ink is a totally unique MMORPG with combined player-made 3D virtual worlds for every player.

The three elements of The Missing Ink are described as “Explorate” “Constructify” and “Smasherize”.

Explorate | Constructify | Smasherize

Explorate – refers to the central MMORPG element of The Missing Ink, a typical MMO with vast lands to explore, quests to complete and loot to be bagged. The Missing Ink is not restricted to any specific genre, we launch with Medieval and Viking maps which will be followed by Pirates, Sci-Fi, Film Noire, Cowboys & Indians you name it The Missing Ink will probably have a world for it.

Constructify – relates to the 3D virtual world every player receives, we see this as the players imagination, a creative 3D space where anything goes and players can build until their heart’s content. A player’s 3D world will interact with the main MMORPG element of The Missing Ink, so the more you explore the main game world the more options you’ll unlock to construct on your own 3D world.

Smasherize – coming soon. Something like tower defence, a little bit Minecraft – to be announced!

You can check out The Missing Ink now, it’s in Open Alpha, so register and start playing now!