How We Work

RedBedlam are happy to receive enquiries for our services from consultancy to full development of complex 3D Virtual Worlds.

We always aim to respond to enquiries within 24 hours – you can use the contact form to get in touch.

We’ll get back to you and suggest dates and times for a call. We can discuss in more detail the features of your game or app, the project’s current status, budgets, time frames, other companies or partners involved and anything else we need to cover.

Typically at this stage we’ll have enough information to produce a summary of goals, which we call the SOG.

Depending on the complexity of the project and the location of our potential clients we may prefer to meet face to face or video conference before we commit to producing the SOG.

The SOG is not a complicated document but it will be an accurate reflection of your project broken down into required features and work modules with time frames and costs included.  The SOG does take time to produce and requires expert input from a number of our staff.  Therefore in most instances we do need to charge a fee to produce the SOG.  If you decide to use RedBedlam to develop your project then this fee is taken off the cost of the project development.

If you have any questions or require further details please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



RedBedlam’s unrivalled experience in the development and running of Virtual Worlds can be employed in a consultative role.

  • Viability studies – RedBedlam can assess the technology and design of a project and advise on construction and implementation.
  • Force multiplier – Redbedlam can supplement or project manage an existing team to ensure a project comes to fruition.
  • Disaster recovery – if your project is in difficulties our team of experts can analyse your project and provide solutions that enable it to flourish and prosper.

Games, MMORPG’s, Virtual Worlds and Mobile Games

Working in consort with you RedBedlam can design a game or virtual world that fulfils your expectations.

Games & Virtual Worlds have been used for the following:

  • Brand definition – Engaging environments can promote your brand in a subtle yet powerful way.  Carefully managed and orchestrated games or virtual worlds foster a deeper association with your brand and identifies you as cutting edge.
  • Product launches – Rather than relying on simple single user flash games or mundane web sites and applications employ an game or virtual world to launch your product.  Carefully moderated customers can interact with one another and crucially be engaged directly by your promotion/sales team in a setting they are interested and excited by.
  • Marketing tool – A game or virtual world can be a cornerstone of an integrated communications approach that maximises the impact of below the line and above the line efforts creating a truly through the line campaign.
  • Stand alone commercial entity – Where previously multi-million pound budgets were required RedBedlam can create a game or virtual world that is commercially successful in its own right.  These can be tied to existing owned or licensed IP or used for start-up ventures.

Turnkey resolution

A RedBedlam created game or virtual world is a turnkey solution. RedBedlam works with existing designs integrating them into the project or can handle design to agreed client requirements and specifications.

From conception through to the birth of your game or virtual world, RedBedlam takes care of everything.

Such a holistic approach ensures clients can simply enjoy the experience of their ideas as they come to fruition without the need to worry about design, art assets, moderation, hosting and infrastructure.

This unified structure ensures your project is delivered on time, within budget and eliminates the need to micro manage several contractors.

Digital Marketing

RedBedlam’s Nick Witcher has helped to market some of the webs most popular online games and he can draw on more than a decades experience in digital marketing for the games industry.  Nick and his marketing team concentrate on attracting target players/users for the most cost effective CPA possible.  RedBedlam have a wealth of contacts in the games industry and know exactly what type of websites attract which type of user, meaning you get cost effective digital marketing campaigns from the get go.

Examples of recent digital marketing campaigns:


Urban Rivals Logo

The world’s number 1 online trading card game with over 30 million registered players since launch in mid-2006.  Urban Rivals can be described as a pokemon or magic the gathering type game but with an urban, street style and comic book storyline and narrative.  Urban Rivals is an online only trading card game built specifically for the web and the attention to detail and understanding of web communities and gamers has helped Urban Rivals achieve it’s world beating status.

We undertook extensive marketing, business development and PR campaigns in the English speaking world leading to millions of player registrations, great partnerships with leading social media and fun and successful online PR campaigns.

Runes of Magic Logo

Runes of Magic  –

A leading global MMORPG with a huge Western and Asian following of millions of online gamers.

We helped with the initial launch of Runes of Magic in the English speaking world, managing online campaigns and also advising on technical aspects of the websites global integration.